The art of telling time by the sun has been practised for some three thousand years. In fact the sundial is man’s oldest astronomical instrument which performed an all important horological function until the general availability of accurate clocks towards the end of Sundial Logothe 18th century.

The sundial is enjoying a revival in popularity, which cannot be attributed to any economic or functional advantage, but rather because it is a magnificent ornament radiating a kind of magic in man’s mind.

“Who can pass an ancient dial on a church façade or discover one amidst the ivy on an old wall and not feel himself steeped in an atmosphere of peace and rest.”

The Friends of Whitehall Sundial was commissioned from Brookbrae Limited of Kingston-upon-Thames and designed by Julia Wright Des RCA and Brian Wright ARCA under the  Direction of Oliver T P Gero.

It was installed by the Friends of Whitehall in recognition of Mr. W A Devereux OBE. First Chairman of the Friends on Tuesday 18th June 1985 being the seventh anniversary of the opening of the house.