School Visits

School visits to Whitehall are very popular as well as being educational.

Bringing History to Life!

The Whitehall team are offering a new schools’ outreach programme based on the National Curriculum and focusing on local history.

Experienced costumed leaders deliver three dynamic workshops – History for Infants, Tudor Experience and Victorian Experience – aimed at Key stages 1 & 2.  Each 1.5 hour structured workshop is an interactive and lively session with the emphasis on multi-sensory learning.

3 x individual workshops based on the National Curriculum and with a local history focus are available to book:

History for Infants (Key stage 1)

What was life like in the past? Through hands on learning and lively discussion, children are encouraged to contrast how we live today with life in the past to gain an understanding of what we mean by history. Discover what homes were like a long time ago, find out how and why toys were different to today, try on Tudor and Victorian clothes and take part in role play, handle replica domestic objects and compare your home with homes of the past.

Tudor Experience (Key stage 2)

Find out about what life was like in Tudor England. How did it differ if you were rich or poor? Explore the Tudors, including key figures such as Henry VIII, compare the differences between town and countryside and focus on the daily life of the Tudors (covering topics such as costume, food, medicine, housing and entertainment).  As well as dressing up, children handle a range of period objects and study primary sources to gain a comprehensive understanding of this period.

Victorian Experience (Key stage 2)

Learn about life in Victorian times – how was it different from today?  What were toys, domestic appliances, inventions and jobs like during the 1800s?  Find out about key Victorian figures, such as Queen Victoria, as well as local Victorian residents at Whitehall by handling objects and discussing subjects such as work, play and home life.  Dressing up and role play, as well as lively discussion, are key components of the session.

Book a visit to your school, or enquire further by emailing  or call 020 8770 5670.