How to buy Modafinil safely in London

  • Walgreens Pharmacy
    Rating: 3.00
    What customers say about
    – Drop my medication at 10:15 pm, the attended went to check out for stock just to make sure. She came back and said it was ok and that it would take about 45 minutes. At 11:35 no one has called my name so I approached the attended who stated they were out of stock, that they only had a small amount and that I would take it I would lose the remaining portion. No one to complain or willing to hear from me or help me in any manner.
    Please go to a Modafinil pharmacy that care for their customers health and well-being.
  • Highland Community Pharmacy
    Rating: 4.90
    What customers say about :
    – This Pharmacy is awesome!! They get your Modafinil pills done quick so much better than Walmart’s pharmacy! They even deliver at your door! They are lovely people they care about the customers needs and have better personalities than the walmart workers most insurances accepted also. Give them a try. I just had my meds transferred to them no more walmart yay!
    Rating: 3.80
    What customers say about
    – Another pharmacy another terrible experience. This is now the third pharmacy where i tried to buy Modafinil with the same issues and even more then others. Trying to get a prescription with a cart is a hassle the area is small and hard to get around. Waiting in line to get my prescription after being told it was ready through text and arriving it wasn’t easy ready like I was told. While in line they called other people up to receive their drop offs before servicing with my own when I am in line for the same thing. They helped 5 people before helping me. After waiting in line for 15 minutes I’m told the prescription isn’t ready and won’t be in till tomorrow. Why say it’s ready when you don’t have it and then when I argue fill it anyways? This has happened now at three pharmacies and I’ve left them all similar reviews. Official done with this pharmacy the worst pharmacy of all time.
  • MTM Pharmacy Caremore Anaheim
    Rating: 5.00
    What customers say about
    – I love MTM Pharmacy because they do free delivery. Usually how other pharmacies work is they have you wait for them to bill and fill the prescriptions, you might have to come back or you will have to wait. The customer service here is also what brings me back. They are super nice and really take time to understand your needs and try to help you to order Modafinil tablets. My mom’s prescriptions would have cost her such a high copay but this pharmacy was willing to work with us to make the copay more affordable. Im not sure what they have to do on their end to be able to help us with that, but they really help us feel better when we go through very difficult times in life. No one wants to be sick but I have to choose a pharmacy, this will be my to go.
  • CVS
    Rating: 2.40
    What customers say about
    – The pharmacy staff has been nothing but great to me; however, the staff is extremely rude and unhelpful when it comes to coupons.

    I first encountered this when trying to use manufacturer coupons as well as CVS coupons. The staff said that they would not accept both even though the policy is one manufacturer coupon and one CVS coupon per item. Depending on who was working, I was either turned away rudely or politely helped.

    The second encounter was when I was using a coupon from the CVS coupon box itself. The coupon was $5 off $10 FSA eligible items. The store is supposed to have these items clearly marked as FSA accounts are going to be lost soon which is explicitly stated on the coupon; however, they do not. I attempted to use the coupon on two items that are eligible, but would not immediately work. The manager (Sunny/Sonny) was politely called from the pharmacy staff. He came over after about 5 minutes and rejected to compensate nor override the coupon even though I met all of the criteria. The coupon simply stated “Validation Pending”. I showed him proof that the items were indeed eligible for FSA purchase. He exclaimed there was nothing he could, nor was willing to do for me. He kept stating I needed to call customer service and he would not honor the coupon. I called customer service and they stated he could have indeed helped me and that it was ridiculous to even go this far.

    This would easily be a 1 star rating if it weren’t for their friendly pharmacy staff. Don’t even bother otherwise.