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News Sheet June 2021


It is a long time since the Friend’s last newsletter, so the committee would like to take this opportunity to send a warm greeting to you all.  We hope you are all keeping safe and well.

As with many things, The Friends activities came to a halt over a year ago. The enforced inactivity gave The Friends committee time to reflect on the future of The Friends.  Changes at Whitehall and in The Friends membership are among many factors that led to the decision to put a resolution to the 2020 Annual General Meeting to wind up The Friends of Whitehall Charity

The committee acquired new skills and were able to conduct the 2020 Annual General Meeting by the Zoom online service. A good number of Friends were able to join the meeting, and very lively discussions took place.  Although everyone was extremely sad, the final decision was made to take steps to wind up the Friends if no new committee members volunteered.  As no-one came forward, the committee is taking measures to wind-up the Charity.  Further information is included in the minutes of the 2020 meeting which will be sent with this year’s AGM.

This year’s Annual General Meeting is to be held by Zoom on Wednesday 21st July 2021.  Please accept this notice as the official twenty-one days advance notice of the meeting.  The AGM is open to The Friends of Whitehall only.

Another date for Friends to pencil in y their diary is Saturday 11th September 2021.  The Friends will be holding a Farewell Celebration get-together in the garden at Whitehall.  

Although there have been no Friends’ social events this year, Chairman, Paul Gibbins, and Friend Chris Nickerson have been working regularly in the garden, supported by Paul’s wife Jennifer. 

The garden is looking particularly lovely at the moment,  so we thank them for all for their hard work.